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The more we know, the more we know that we know nothing...
Posted on Saturday, November 19 2016 - 15:51:30

« All I know is that I know nothing, but the others don't even know that. »

This Socrates famous expression is widely shared among people, and we realize, around us, that the more people grow their knowledge,  the more they doubt on what they know, and they realize that ultimately, they do not know so much …

Why? Tell me Why?

What if our knowledge was a planet?

So the space around this planet would represent everything you do not know ...

What we perceive from this non-knowledge is the frontier of our knowledge, that is, the surface of this planet.

A very small planet has a small surface ... so a small perception of non-knowledge.

If one imagines to enlarge our planet, like a balloon in which we blow, then the perception of non-knowledge will grow proportionally to the surface (that means proportionally to the square of the knowledge radius).

Where to place then the imagination, the source of creativity, in this space?

According to me, imagination is represented by the atmosphere of our planet and the measure of a person's imagination is the relation I would name K between the height of this atmosphere and the radius of the planet.

Thus, for a given person, even if this imagination is great, if the planet is small, the volume of imagination will be limited.

Increasing knowledge leads to increasing imagination in proportion to the cube of the knowledge radius ...

Imagination and creativity of a person, even with a small K, will be much greater if he increases his knowledge, than that of someone with a great K and very little knowledge ...

What is your feeling about it?

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